Whether you are a first time investor looking to buy your first international property, or a large family office seeking a yielding hotel asset, Tintra provides you with a dedicated, best-in-class, no hassle advisory to the best real estate destinations on earth. From London to Hong Kong, Dubai to New York, our client-focused services provide you with a full-spectrum international investment property solution.

Avoiding the more abstract investment classes preferred by many of our competitors, we provide international property investment deals that are structured in a safe, secure and familiar way which focuses on providing a defined exit strategy even before your capital is deployed. This enables you to see the value in our deals before you begin and can invest safely with the knowledge that liquidation and returns are a certainty and not just a possibility.

Let Tintra make your money work for you, simply select your preferred location below and follow the screen prompts to isolate your search.

We have a vast array of options that are not shared on the site, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us using the method most convenient for you- whether you prefer to call us via Skype, fill our enquiry form or email us directly at [email protected].


At a Glance

  • Structured proprietary development deals for individual or co-funded projects
  • Experts in advisory services for clients from emerging economies
  • Unitized investments from USD 50,000 up to USD 50m
  • Focus on major world centres with low downside risk
  • Off-Market Sourcing
  • 15-20% annualized return targets
  • Simple, no-stress investment approach