Our range of international property development services, offered individually in most cases, can be utilized in their entirety through our development model. Focusing on Prime Central London (but also including Dubai and New York) where we have a dedicated development team of international property developers, we are able to source off-market properties and structure projects across the full spectrum of services from sourcing to retail exit strategy and beyond.

Our team can assist with every facet of development, from our in-house, award winning designers and architects, through our project management professionals who will oversee tenders, engineering, appointment and management of contractors, and monitor execution to ensure completion, on time, on budget and with strict adherence to the vision of our design team.

Once completed, or during the construction phase, our sales and marketing team secures the most favourable sales or leasing arrangement for the property to exit or indeed to negotiate terms with branded management companies for added value at every juncture.

Each of our projects, whether we act fully as Owner’s Representative or just in specific verticals, are structured through our proprietary Isle of Man model to ensure taxation and transactional costs are kept to an absolute minimum. We also keep our fees to an absolute minimum throughout, and align our interests entirely with our clients to ensure they are safe in the knowledge that we are in for the long haul and not driven by fees.

We structure our commercial property development deals either for individual private wealth or as part of an engineered capital raise.

To see how we may be of assistance to you or your business in creating exciting international development projects that offer strong, tax efficient returns, please read the various services below that we offer in this space.

For the sake of discretion, our development opportunities are not shown on the site. However, we have a selection that are available upon request at [email protected].


Finding development deals in London is the reserve of a select few. Intimate knowledge of the city is required to know when off-market property is becoming available and whether pricing and ownership is fit for purpose. We have a dedicated network of on-the-ground relationships whose sole relationship with us is to ensure that we are always amongst the first to know about the best deals.

Off the Beaten Track 

There are other companies, and indeed bankers, in London sourcing real estate development deals for their clients. However, these are generally in the traditional investment areas of London. Our network searches far and wide in the capital to find the best deals with the highest chance of significantly above-market returns.

Architectural Design

We pride ourselves on being a company that is as keen on the architecture as it is on the bottom line. Visit our Architecture section to see a selection of our current and completed projects.

Unitized Investment

We offer both single-ownership and multi-owner access to our development opportunities. By doing so, we allow significant capital contributors to offset some risk and allow smaller investors to be part of development deals that would usually be out of their reach. 

Aligned Interests

Our motivation is to provide our clients with the very best investments. We are so certain of the strength of our research that we align our interests entirely with our clients. The only fees we earn are a share in the profits that our clients earn from purchasing property through us. Therefore, you can be sure that we are committed to the investment as if it were our own, as we only earn money when you do.

Engage Brand

For developments that require management and branding, either post-exit or during the tenure of our clients' hold, Tintra has strong relationships with several international management brands. We manage this process to ensure the correct manager is selected for each property. Deal possibilities with brands include naming rights, full management or, in some cases, an equity partnership arrangement.

Owner Representative

We look after all aspects involved in our deals, offering fully bespoke, best-in-class advisory from the day we are engaged, during the design and construct phase, through to ongoing ownership or until exiting using our proprietary model. This gives our clients a full concierge service so they do not have to worry about dealing with anyone other than us.

Tax Planning

Our Isle of Man domiciled structure allow for the most efficient ownership vehicles for our clients. Our structures allow for Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax to be levied at the prevailing rate in the Isle of Man of 0% (zero percent); the benefits of which speak for themselves.

At a Glance

  • Award winning architectural team 
  • Off-market access in our target jurisdictions
  • Pre-defined exit strategies ensure known returns pre-deployment
  • Established development teams in our target cities
  • Full Owner's Representative service means one point of contact