The reputation of Citizenship via Investment has changed significantly over the past 5 years. Traditional Caribbean jurisdictions have given way to many EU countries that now offer European Union Citizenship in return for Foreign Direct Investment.

With the world becoming smaller, yet more unsure all the time, an increasing number of people are looking to source a new or second domicile for themselves and their families. The reasons for this new flight to second nationality is driven much more by social and political motivations rather than financial:-

• Freedom of international movement
• To leave behind political and economic instability
• Achieve a higher standard of living
• Education and schooling eligibility
• Access to world class healthcare
• Personal mobility
• The prestige of being a European citizen

Regardless of which citizenship solution is right for you, Tintra fully appreciate that making a substantial investment can be a big decision. When this is intertwined with you and your family’s future, the magnitude of the choices can seem overwhelming. Through our fully managed solutions we help to simplify the process and create a simple, hassle free experience.

Tintra provides our clients with structures focused on providing a Citizenship via Sound Investment Strategy, that in themselves are very attractive; providing good returns, secure, and with a defined exit strategy. This is what makes our flagship solutions truly unique throughout the world of Citizenship.

Tintra has assisted clients with establishing residency in a number of global jurisdictions and is the only company that offers a truly point to point solution, from initial enquiry, through programme selection, to legal advisory, investment implementation and exit.
From our experience the decision for most individuals comes down to the speed, status and security of each programme. With this in mind, we believe that Cyprus and the UK truly offer best in class solutions. "At a glance" will allow you to discover our flagship Citizenship programmes for UK and Cyprus, and some other well-known locations we are able to provide for those seeking citizenship solutions.

At a Glance