Frequently Asked Questions Property Section 

These FAQ’s are focused toward our property business, for questions specific to our other services please check the respective areas of the site. 

Who are you?

The Tintra Group is a group of companies incorporated in Dubai, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Copies of our various corporate documents are available
upon request. We began trading as Tintra in 2012, however we have been in operation since 2006.

We have a unique model, derived from the foundations of the company  which was, and remains today, providing deal flow and development opportunities to UHNW and Family Office clients. All deals we promote are our own, we are completely vertically integrated from finance, law, architecture, development and sales and marketing. Ensuring that there  are no weak links in our delivery and execution.

Our focus is on providing a platform that allows clients in the emerging  world to get the same first world transparency, level of service and quality of investment as those in leading economies. In the last 12 months we have opened up our model to allow participation by many more people. Providing access to incredible deals in the world’s major cities from as little as $20,000.

Our main office is in Dubai and you can feel free to drop into any of our offices around the world. We are also always happy to hear from you and whilst we keep a lot of work online, there is always a human only one click away.

Why should I trust you?

We like to think we are pretty honest, decent, upfront folks and we hope that you’ll discover that for yourself and tell your friends and colleagues. But the fact is that you shouldn’t trust us until you know us. The world thought that they could trust banks and pension funds and look how that turned out.

We work for and with several of the most affluent family’s in the world; these relationships are built and maintained over many years. Through our architecture department, we are currently working on more than US$100m of real estate deals with multiple owners and clients. Our on the ground team in London have built and delivered properties that would be considered some of the some of the most stunning in Central London.

More importantly, we are fully compliant in all of the jurisdictions in which we operate, our investment structure in the Isle of Man is controlled entirely by third party professionals, as is our Cypriot investment arm, both of which ensure full compliance and transparency between you and us via these third party gatekeepers. All funds invested by you are contractually and structurally protected and controlled by these third parties so any money invested can only be released against the property or properties you invest in.

In short you will have a legal share in the property you invest in, your investment is secured against that specific property and the control of both is independently provided by regulated professionals to ensure peace of mind on all sides.

So, of course we would love you to trust us, and hope that you will give us the chance to gain it. But until such time you know us better, you don’t need to trust us at all, your investment is secure and managed by third party regulated professionals. 

How do I know you won’t run off with my money?

This is something that we are keenly aware of and it is an important question to ask. It’s happened before when investing internationally and you don’t have a face-to-face relationship. Unfortunately, it will probably happen in the future also. 

With Tintra, the answer really is in our structure, we have purposely structured all of our investments to ensure that the only way your funds can be distributed is as outlined in the prospectus and that control is always with a regulated third party professional.

In short you never pay any money to us. All money you pay goes into a special account set up for that specific investment attached to a company formed specifically for that purpose. This money is ring fenced and can only be used to pay for the purchase of a property. Once the property is purchased you have a legal shareholding in the company that owns the property so your investment is secured.

I’m interested but I’d feel more comfortable if I could speak to a human.

If the truth be known, we’d much prefer to speak to everyone, but of course that isn’t possible. But, we do love to hear from you. There is a senior member of our team available to speak to anyone within 24 hours or generally you can get through to one of our Customer Service Team 24 hours a day on +44 203 290 3204 or just hit SPEAK TO A HUMAN and someone will call you back within 15 minutes. 

Always reach out to us, however small the question may seem, we take you and your family’s money very seriously and wouldn’t want anyone investing without feeling 100% comfortable and confident. We look forward to hearing from you.

How does Tintra make its money?

As nice as we all are here at Tintra, and we are into it for the fun, we all have mortgages and school fees to pay! 

Our property model is designed so that we’re all in this together. it is completely predicated by alignment of interest. What does this mean?  Well, unlike other companies promoting real estate investments whose interest is in the highest value sale or highest commission, we are motivated by a share in the profits of a development that we are involved with. 

Other than a 5% Set Up & Handling fee, taken from the capital raise of each project, we only take a share of 20% share in the proceeds from a project that we are developing. The front end fee is for the most part disbursed to various third parties who assist us in making the platform successful, this includes, but is not limited to, the credit card companies that take the payments, lawyers, referral agents, brokers and financial advsors along with the likes of auditors and analysts.

In short, we only make our money when you do, so you can rest assured we are with you through to the end.

What sort of property will I be investing in?

Our focus is on Prime Assets in the prime cities of the world; in London our development team focuses on ultra exclusive trophy homes. In Dubai our focus is on branded 4 & 5 Star hotels and in Hong Kong and New York a mix of the two.

All of our deals are owned, structured and designed by us. Our award winning in-house architectural team do the design work (www.tintra.com/architecture), our development teams in various cities that all have long track records (portfolios available on request) of delivering projects just like the ones you will be investing in.

Our vision and goal is to allow emerging market investors’ access to some of the most exclusive, trophy real estate assets in the world with very low barriers to entry, alongside our Family Office and Ultra High Net Worth clients. In some cases our clients invest as low as US$20,000 to be part of a deal with one of our larger clients who is investing US$20m. Meaning that you can now invest shoulder to shoulder with the world’s most adept investors.

Can I invest in more that one project?

Yes, absolutely, so long as you qualify as the relevant level of investor. We are mindful of both regulation and good ethics, we know our deals  are good and the returns are exciting, but we don’t want our clients over reaching themselves and investing too much. As long as you certifiably are in a position to invest, then sure, please go ahead and invest in more than one deal. If you are in any doubt at all as to whether you are in a position to invest in more than one project, please seek advice from a professional.

What happens to my money before the property is fully funded?

Until a property is fully funded all monies are held either by Checkout.com or by one of our third party trustees, either Sovereign Trust in the Isle of Man or Savva & Associates in Cyprus.

Where possible we hold these funds in interest bearing accounts and in such instances we pass the interest on directly to you. We will make you aware at the time of purchase if your funds will be interest accruing or not during the pre-purchase phase. If you require Sharia compliancy, then please just let us know and we will ensure that your funds don't accrue interest.

How do you source such good assets?

Our secret is two-fold, it is incredible on the ground relationships in the markets in which we operate and also it is the fact that all deals are designed and structured by us. 

We are not raising money for a developer, we are the developer, we are the designer, we are the sales team, in fact we have complete vertical integration meaning that we are able to create value rather than rely on someone else to provide good returns.

How much money am I going to make?

We can’t give you an exact answer to that. However, each of our deals is structured with the assistance of our very experienced team of professionals and consultants. As such our targets and projections should be correct within a reasonable range. 

Further, our interests are aligned with yours, so we are careful to only structure deals with the best chances of success, otherwise we’d be working for no money. And we know you don’t want us to be doing that!! 

What about the Foreign Exchange (FX) rates?

All of our investments are in US Dollars or Sterling. A lot of the benefit in investing with Tintra is in spreading your portfolio by holding cash in other currencies. With interest rates at all time lows, hedging into USD and GBP is a good strategy from almost all other currencies. 

Our strategies allow us to absorb the currency risk in the initial raise, with dividends and profits disbursed in the currency of your choice. There are of course some FX risks involved in an international transaction, but we, and most all of our clients, agree that the benefits of diversification into a major world currency far outweighs any potential 

So who really owns the asset?

You do. The SPV that owns the property is 100% owned by you and your co-investors. We simply control and operate that company on your behalf.

What about my successors, wife and children if something should happen to me?

You will be a shareholder in the SPV that undertakes the project and those shares are owned and able to be left to your successors. You are even able to assign your rights to one of your children, for example, at any time you wish as long as your investment is fully paid.

You will need to be aware of the regulations in your country of residence in regard to probate and taxation, but from our side you are expressly permitted to will or gift your shares.

Once you have invested make sure that you inform one of your family members or the executor of your estate about your investment. From there, be secure in the knowledge that we at Tintra will do all we can from our side to assist should something happen to you.

What if it takes longer than expected to exit the property at completion?

This is of course possible. It is a broad risk associated with any property development -whether that is through Tintra or buying yourself.

We are very good and we strongly believe that by not taking huge fees on the way through a development and sharing in the profits only at the end, we put our money where our mouth is. 

Further, a unique aspect of our model is that we generally have an exit strategy as part of the deal, before we even commence. Although sometimes this is not the case.

Either way, we are extra careful to ensure that we have a strong grip on the exit, as that is when we earn our money and you do too.

What happens after I’ve invested?

Once you have registered you will be given access to our Member’s Area and access to your own channel on our International Property App. 

In these areas you will get updates on your investment, first-look access to upcoming developments and a dashboard that will allow you to monitor your investments and progress. Also, once a month we will send you a Monthly Report by email. 

Once we have received your first investment you will be appointed a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM). Your RM will be your point of contact for all things Tintra, and you can feel free to touch base about anything you wish, however small.

You will also receive a fortnightly email update with information on all the projects as to their current status.

What documents and proof of ownership do I receive?

As soon as we receive your Application Form you will be assigned a Membership Number and your personal Relationship Manager. 

First of all you will receive a call from your RM to welcome you aboard and to give you a detailed overview of everything you need to know, how to work your dashboard and to answer any questions you may have. 

From there we will dispatch to you a personalised Owner’s Pack, along with your Membership Card that carries discounts and bonuses related to being a Tintra Member. This will include a Certificate of Investment and a hand signed and stamped receipt.

Once the project you have invested in is fully funded our lawyers in either Cyprus or the Isle of Man, or maybe both (depending on which project) will send you the formal ownership documents for your shares in the project you have invested in. 

So your pack will include all you need to know from us at Tintra, the formal documents from our, and by extension, your lawyers along with access to the Member’s Area of the Tintra website so you can track your investment in real time.

How do I receive my profit?   

Your share of profits will be paid out as soon as practicable after the sale of the asset you have invested in. For projects that are buy and hold, interest will be paid twice yearly.
For profit dividends, payments will be with you no later than 45 days after sale and hopefully much sooner.

Can I sell before completion?

We do much prefer you to understand the full scope of the deal before investing and invest as our partners for the whole journey. As such we like you not to sell during completion of the development.

However, you are an owner of your share in the development and as such you are free to do as you wish. Just let us know that you are looking to sell and we will do our best to find you a buyer or in some cases buy it back ourselves. Of course here, there are no guaranees that we will find you a buyer before completion, but we will try our absolute best.

If we cannot assist you, we will tell you in as short a time as possible, and give you the authority you need to sell the shares to a third party.

To be clear though, there is no guarantee you will be able to find a buyer and selling shares in an unlisted company may not always be possible.

Tell me about the exit strategy?

The foundation of Tintra Group was, and remains today, a business that provides best in class assets to our Family Office and Ultra High Net Worth Clients. The beauty of the Tintra integrated model is that each component works purely to serve the other.  

A good way of explaining this is that in London for example, we have more clients for major trophy homes than we can develop or are available. However, clients looking for these assets are not keen on waiting or having the headache of a build. 

That’s where we come in, with your help, we take over the headache of the build, you provide the capital to undertake the build and our UHNW clients get exactly what they want, a trophy home, delivered without headache.

On the other side, with our hotel development assets, we operate a structure whereby our early partners are exited by those looking to purchase apartments or rooms in a hotel, for which the market is huge in the areas in which we operate. 

With our marketing and outreach campaigns stretched across India, China, Russia, the Middle East and West Africa, we start developments with the end in mind. Namely, building to fulfil a demand, rather than building something that we hope to sell.

How is my money protected?

Each investment is structured and designed in intricate detail before we take it to market. As such we de-risk each project to a huge degree. 

Your investment is in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)company that has no borrowing at all. Each SPV lives inside our Protected Cell Company in the Isle of Man. You will have a share in that company, which will be named for the project you are investing in, and its sole purpose is the investment in a specific property. You have a legal hare in the SPV and full, inalienable legal rights to the income and profit derived from it.

Before launch we know the exact figure (including a contingency) to deliver a project. We raise that capital with our partners, and it is notuntil the magic figure is reached that we transact on the property. Until that time the money stays with our partners’ checkout.com in their client account or in a company controlled by our lawyers in Cyprus or the Isle of Man. 

Once the target is reached, the funds will be deployed to purchase the property and from there draw downs of capital will be taken in line with the requirements of the build. Sign off on all draw downs will always be from a third party entity, regulated both in the United Kingdom or Cyprus and not from a member of Tintra or any of its partners.

In the event that the target amount is not reached, then you have an option either to have it returned to you, plus an interest equal to 3% per  annum or to roll the money over into another Tintra Investment with the same characteristics.

In short, your money is protected by either the asset you purchase or by the company in which the cash is held that is controlled by regulated companies unrelated to Tintra. You can request to speak to these third parties at any time.

So what’s the worst that could happen?

Well, we say that we like to reach for the best and plan for the worst. We have worked hard to ensure a structure with the least risk possible, however of course there are a few things that you should be aware of.

You have a secured ownership in a company that owns an asset that has no borrowings. As such you are as safe as possible in that regard. The real ‘risk’ is that the property market softens in the city in which you are investing and the target returns are not met. At that point, we can choose together as partners to hold the asset for longer, or to take a 
lower percentage return and sell immediately.

Whilst there is a risk that the property is worth less than we paid for it, it is a very unlikely scenario, we are experts in our field and we are buying properties at below market prices, then adding value through development.  Prices would have to fall a long way to wipe out the profit margin, so the real risk is a lesser return not a loss, although you should be aware that a loss is possible, however unlikely.

The other aspect you should be aware of is time, with the best intention (and the best team) in the world, property developments sometimes take longer than anticipated. We minimize this risk by fully funding each project before commencement, which is often the fall down of most projects, but slight overruns are a possibility and should be factored in.

What is the tax position on monies paid to me?

We are not authorised to give you tax advice. However, our structures in the Isle of Man and Cyprus are designed to be as tax efficient as possible whilst working within the legislation at all times. Rest assured the tax position of your investment is the most efficient that it can possibly be.

Can I invest through my own company?

Yes, that’s fine. However, we’d still need to see Ultimate Beneficial Owner information.

Are you regulated?

Yes we are regulated in Cyprus as an AIF (Alternative Investment Fund). In the Isle of Man we are exempted from requiring regulation due to the nature of our model, however we are voluntarily undertaking the process of regulation with the Financial Conduct Authority, as we feel that as we take such huge steps to ensure ethical and professional standards, we should give an extra layer of comfort to our clients and seek formal confirmation that our methods are indeed compliant.

The company that takes and holds your investment via Visa and MasterCard, Checkout.com, is regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (Registration Number 585615)

Whilst regulation is both essential and good, we like to think that we do the right thing because we want to, not because we have to.

We do everything we can to ensure that we are always as transparent as possible and that our clients are made fully aware of the potentials of each project.
We also work hard to ensure that there is always someone a short phone call away to answer your questions and concerns. We are in the business of developin long-term relationships and we work hard to earn that trust from you.

Who am I dealing with exactly?

The group is divided into several entities. All investments are made ultimately through our Isle of Man Protected Cell Company, with investments being made either directly to that vehicle or in some cases through our Regulated Alternative Investment Fund in Cyprus. The full details of both companies are below as are the contact details of the 
third party managers of the two entities should you wish to seek third party comfort.

If you still have further questions about anything at all regarding your investment with Tintra, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 203 290 3204 or by email on [email protected] Alternatively hit the Speak to a Human button or the Live Chat button at the bottom of the screen.

At a Glance

  • Founded in 2006.
  • Offices or Representative Offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Bali, Cyprus & London
  • Specialists in solving complex client issues with discretion and haste.
  • Completely vertically integrated firm with little recourse to outside providers
  • Multi Sector Investments and portfolio advice
  • Unique off-market deal flow in the sectors and areas in which we operate.